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Transform Your Space

Ready to upgrade your current space into a high-performance center? Learn how to transform your existing racks, platforms, and wall areas into high-performance, multi-functional training spaces. Perform-X cords are fully integrable and cost-effective.

Do more with Perform-X patented cord systems and Trak-X.


Looking to take your strength and conditioning routine to the next level? Look no further than variable resistance training with Perform-X! Our specially designed cords provide added resistance to challenge your muscles in new ways, leading to greater strength gains and comprehensive adaptations. Don’t settle for ordinary training methods – unlock your full potential with Perform-X’s superior approach. Try it out for yourself and experience the difference!


Power & Force


Speed & Agility


Muscle Control

PERFORM-X Training Systems


    “The Perform-X equipment has been a great addition to our school physical education curriculum as well as our athletic programs. We are able to provide our student-athletes with an opportunity to increase their speed, strength, acceleration and health. Many schools do not have this opportunity to do this in their school building, and we are very satisfied with the equipment and staff from Perform-X.”

    Randy Cranston, Watford City High School

    Former Athletic Director/Assistant Principal (Watford City, ND)

      “I am extremely pleased with the Tred-X, Hip-X and Jump-X equipment that I purchased from Perform-X. The equipment is easy for my staff to adjust and for the patients to use. I am able to use the equipment in traditional rehab and as a cross-over from traditional rehab to sport-specific rehab.”

      Cameron Lane, Physical Therapist/Owner

      Lane Physical Therapy (Russellville, AR)

        “Perform-X’s equipment has been amazing for our facility. The innovation of the equipment has allowed us to customize our athletes training programs with great detail, which has increased our results at an incredible level.”

        Jeff Richardson, Acceleration Naperville Yard

        General Manager