Platform Package

Platform Package

- 1 Extra Light Jump-X System (10lbs Average)
- 1 set of Medium Dead-X Cords (40lbs Average)
*Recommended for youth, rec, and beginner athletes
- 1 Light Jump-X System (20lbs Average)
- 1 set of Heavy Dead-X Cords (65lbs Average)
*Recommended for middle/high school, performance centers and adult fitness users
- 1 Medium Jump-X System (25lbs Average)
- 1 set of Extra Heavy Dead-X Cords (85lbs Average)
*Recommended for College and professional athletes
Grand total

Transform your training with the Platform Package – the ultimate solution for adding dynamic resistance to your deadlift and jump exercises. This comprehensive package includes the Jump-X System and Dead-X Cords, both designed to work seamlessly with the Trak-X system installed on your floor or platform. With the Platform Package, you’ll turn any traditional platform into a Perform-X Platform, where you can challenge yourself and take your fitness to new heights. Suitable for floors or platforms over 1/2″ thick, the Platform Package is the key to your next level of performance.

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