From Training Room to Playing Field: Michigan Athletic Medicine

From Training Room to Playing Field: Michigan Athletic Medicine

In the world of sports performance, we tend to be so focused on strength and conditioning aimed at performance enhancement.  This is true at Perform-X and within many athletic programs and facilities. However, the reality is that a majority of athletes will get injured at some time during their playing career, and their training program will take a detour through the athletic training and rehabilitation wing of the facility.

This process will include a host of treatment modalities and strengthening and mobility exercises. Although there is not as much widespread adoption of Perform-X equipment in athletic training and physical therapy compared to strength and conditioning, all of the products and devices have dual purpose and seamlessly fit within athletic training and rehabilitation protocols.

The University of Michigan Athletic Medicine Program

In January 2018, the University of Michigan opened the Olympic Sports Performance Center on the south campus. This 280,000-square-foot facility includes two spaces equipped Perform-X products and devices – 1) the 20,000-square-foot strength and conditioning facility and 2) the state-of-the-art athletic medicine facility.

 Trak-X as a Solution

Similar to the multi-functional turf area and the inlaid platforms in the Olympic strength and conditioning area, the University of Michigan Athletic Medicine program also installed the Trak-X system.

Does your athletic training room look like the photo to the left – Theraband tied around equipment?  There’s a solution, which can simply be accomplished by installing the Trak-X system into a structurally sound wall.  The Trak-X is a customized metal strip that allows for safe and effective anchoring of resistance cords.


In one area of the facility (shown above), athletic trainers and sports medicine staff utilize the following devices and systems for a variety of rehabilitation and movement exercises to rehabilitate and recondition Wolverine athletes.

Lower Body System

Jump-X System

Hip-X 360 System

Ther-X Shoulder System

Perform-X Action-Fit Rehab System


A Versatile System for Sport-specific Dynamic Rehab

“The Perform-X wall trak system has allowed us to put our student-athletes through more sport-specific dynamic rehab. The versatility of the system assists in easing the transition from the athletic training room to the weight room and back to sport, especially with the 360 belt and easy clip system. We couldn’t be happier with this product and have utilized it more than we could have imagined!” – Jeremy Marra, MS, AT, ATC Sr. Associate Athletic Trainer