The Evolution of the Lifting Platform

The Evolution of the Lifting Platform

By Joe Eisenmann, PhD


The days of the above ground weightlifting platform may be a thing of the past. More and more high schools, colleges, and professional strength and conditioning facilities who are either building a new facility or renovating an existing facility are going away from the traditional above ground lifting platform and choosing the inlaid platform, which are seamless with the flooring.  Besides offering a cleaner look, this design element also eliminates a tripping hazard and can provide some added functionality to the training space.

Along with the inlaid platform, strength and conditioning coaches are also ordering the Perform-X Trak-X system – a customized metal strip installed between the lifting area and the drop zone.  In some cases, this is part of the flooring installation at a new construction or it can also be retrofitted in existing facilities depending on the features of the flooring.

Advantages of the Trak-X system

The Trak-X system allows for safe and effective anchoring of resistance cords for a multitude of exercises including those for the traditional strength training exercises like the squat, bench, deadlift and Olympic lifts – which we refer to as the Strength Cord Systems. Note – use of the squat and bench cords will depend on the positioning of the inlaid platform relative to the lifting rack as some facilities allow space between the rack and platform area.

The Trak-X system and inlaid platform also allows for this space to be used as a plyometric jump station. The Jump-X System is currently a hot item as it replaces other larger, costly, and cumbersome above ground jump training equipment that is commercially available.


Aside from the strength and power movements described above, the inlaid platform plus Trak-X systems also allows for coaches and athletes to utilize other Perform-X resistance cords such as the Speed-X lower body system for a variety of functional movements; the Hip-X 360 system for hip strengthening exercises, and even the Ult-X upper body cord for pushing, pulling, pressing, and rotational movements.

All-in-all, the current trend in athletic facility design is the inlaid platform. The inlaid platform with the addition of the Perform-X Trak-X and resistance cords provides a very versatile performance station for training strength, power and movement in all athletes.

Retro-fit existing above ground platforms

And a final note – if you have above ground platforms, don’t worry – it can be retrofitted with the Trak-X system as well (see related blog below). Contact us for details.

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