Hip-X System

Hip-X System

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Transform your hip-related exercises with the Hip-X System – the ultimate solution for cord-loaded training. With the ability to perform a full range of hip motions, including hip flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, and hamstring exercises, the Hip-X System provides the versatility you need to target every aspect of your hips. Whether you anchor it to the Trak-X or a stationary device like a rack, fence, or pole, both inside and outside, the Hip-X System offers comfort and functionality for all hip drills. Choose from 7 different resistances, each with specific measurable loads based on the training distance. Don’t miss out on the chance to take your hip-related exercises to the next level – upgrade to the Hip-X System today!

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Resistance Recommendations
ResistanceUlt-X, Hip-X, Speed-X 5′ Cords, Flex-X
Super LightRehab, Youth, Rec and Beginner Athletes
Extra LightRehab, Youth, Rec and Beginner Athletes
LightYouth, Rec and Beginner Athletes
MediumMiddle/High School, Performance Centers, and Adult Fitness Users
HeavyCollege, High School, and Performance Centers
Extra HeavyCollege, High School, and Performance Centers
UltimateCollege and Professional