Northwestern Leads Way in Innovative Sports Performance

Northwestern Leads Way in Innovative Sports Performance

The Innovators

One of the objectives of the Northwestern Sports Performance program is to “strive to be leaders in the industry, providing exemplary service to our student-athletes along with being at the forefront in current advances in the sports performance field.”

From this statement, it should be recognized that Director of Sports Performance Jason Pullara and staff are innovators – a word that also exemplifies Perform-X Training Systems. No wonder that we partnered during the recent project on the shores of Lake Michigan that has been called ‘one of the best facilities in college sports”.

The Walter Athletics Center

On Wednesday, August 1, 2018 Northwestern University dedicated the $270 million Walter Athletic Center.  It’s been called ‘transformational’! Take a look for yourself in this university article and video. Although being praised as one of the best football practice facilities in the nation, the Olympic strength and conditioning room is all as impressive minus a better (but still good) view of Lake Michigan.

The Inlaid Platform and Trak-X System

As we have previously noted, many college (and high school) weight room are evolving the inlaid platform by installing the Perform-X Trak-X system – a customized metal strip installed between the lifting area and the drop zone. The Trak-X system allows for safe and effective anchoring of resistance cords for a multitude of exercises including those for the traditional strength training exercises like the squat, bench, deadlift and Olympic lifts – which we refer to as the Strength Cord Systems.

In addition, the Trak-X system and inlaid platform also allows for this space to be used as a plyometric jump station. The Jump-X System is currently a hot item as it replaces other larger, costly, and cumbersome above ground jump training equipment that is commercially available.

A Very Unique Wall Trak System

Similar to the wall-mounted Trak-X System at Big Ten foe University of Michigan, we installed the Trak-X on a wall within the Northwestern Olympic sports weight room to provide a versatile training space or performance zone. Oops, correction – not ‘on’ the wall but instead it was uniquely recessed into the wall.  Because the Trak-X is flush with the wall it allows for med ball tosses even when the Perform-X cord systems are unclipped from the Trak-X.  It is the only way to have one consistent surface on the entire wall and still have the entire wall space usable for other things. Now that’s innovative!

Like the inlaid platform with Trak-X, the Wall Trak System is becoming a unique feature in the weight room or in the gym. The Wall-X System has some great advantages, especially at Northwestern University. With the Trak-X embedded in the feature wall next to the turf area, it allows coaches and athletes multiple training options including movement prep, prehab, rehab, strength training, plyometrics and sport-specific movements with several Perform-X resistance cords such as the Speed-X lower body system; the Hip-X 360 system, and the Ult-X upper body cord as well as battle ropes with the Perform-X BR-X clip attachment.  These systems can be used together or independently for different drills and total workouts.

Innovation and Collaboration: What’s Your X?

Northwestern University is one of several collegiate and high school programs turning to Perform-X for innovative solutions to improve the speed, strength, power and athletic movement capacities of athletes.  This is accomplished through the establishment of trusting and respectful relationships, collaboration, professional installation of the product, and staff education on the latest in sports science along with an on-going commitment to excellence.  Who’s next? What’s your X? Find it at Perform-X.