3 Optimal Devices for Running Speed Improvement

By Dan Hutchison, MS, ATC, CSCS   There will most likely never be a magic pill or potion that miraculously makes humans rich, good-looking, athletic, thin, or famous.  But, can there be a magic ‘tool’ to make humans run faster?  Most likely NOT, but the question has been contemplated since the first Olympic Games in […]

Cord-Loaded Olympic Lifting: Suggestions and Key Points for Strength and Conditioning Coaches

By Dan Hutchison, MS, ATC, CSCS Olympic weight lifting has been utilized in most resistance training venues catering towards improvements in athletic performance.  Often referred to as the most sophisticated and technical resistance training exercises, Olympic weight lifting tends to be assigned to athletes with many years of resistance training experience who are under the […]

Cord-Loaded Deadlifts using The Trak-X™ System

By Dan Hutchison, MS, ATC, CSCS   The Deadlift  is one of the most implemented weight lifting movements for improving strength and power. The muscle groups of the low back, glutes, and hamstrings, commonly known as the ‘posterior chain’, have numerous effects on the majority of athletic movements and are deemed key training areas for […]

Converting Existing Lifting Platforms to Plyometric Stations

By Dan Hutchison, MS, ATC, CSCS Concepts and equipment within the landscape of the weight room change constantly, unfortunately the budgets associated with most weight rooms, don’t.  Adding resources not only for better training, but also to support large teams and diverse physical education (PE) classes, can be an expensive and time-consuming process.  As you […]

Using Variable Resistance for the Bench Press

By Dan Hutchison, MS, ATC, CSCS In relation to the previous performance blog post on variable resistance and the squat, the bench press movement is probably the second most popular exercise in the strength and conditioning field.  Optimal development of upper body strength is dependent on high force production using pushing movements, and many will […]

Using Variable Resistance for the Squat

The squat is a popular strength training exercise in the athletic community. With the right technique and practice, this exercise helps athletes develop their lower body strength. To optimize the development of this strength and turn it into power, coaches should use variable resistance cords attached to the frame of the rack and the bar.In this article, Dan Hutchison,  MS, […]

Resistance Applications for Plyometrics

By Dan Hutchison, MS, ATC, CSCS Improving power in sport activities has been manipulated using various training tools from traditional strength training, to contraptions and devices placing the individual in a position to be ‘resisted’ in his/her movement.  Plyometrics have been implemented to complement traditional weight lifting practices by adding a ‘speed-strength’ component.  Bodyweight has […]

Retrofit your weight room to improve strength & power: a case study

In this blog, George Filipiak, better known as “Coach Flip”, from Roosevelt High School in Wyandotte, Michigan shares his experience with Perform-X. Coach Flip was first introduced to Perform-X at the Spartan Strength and Conditioning clinic at Michigan State University. He had his racks and above ground platforms retrofitted with the Trak-X system, an innovative […]

Why you should train with Lift-X Strength Cords

We all agree that muscular strength and power are critical for athletic performance. And most strength and conditioning programs utilize the squat, deadlift, bench press, and clean as the cornerstone exercises or “staples”. And depending on training experience, program design and attendance, athletes will become stronger performing these barbell exercises. Although the loaded barbell is […]